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Exploration and Experiment


Chemistry and Physics


Dr. Jeffrey Cornelius and Dr. Jonathan Langton

Program Summary

Exploration and Experiment is a science-focused program intended to prepare you for success in a quantitative field such as chemistry, engineering, or physics. If you are considering a major in one of these subjects, you should definitely take this FYE. There will be math! In order to be successful, you should consider taking a college-level calculus course, if you haven’t already taken one. We will include a term project such as building a hoverboard, making chocolate, synthesizing an aerogel or a superconducting magnet.

CHEM 131: Fundamentals of Chemistry (4 SH, GESL) 

This introductory chemistry course will develop your observation, quantitative, and scientific skills through learning and practicing chemistry. We will do this by researching, problem-solving, and performing experiments in the laboratory. Topics include the structure of atoms, working with conversions and math ratios, models of bonding, and understanding gases, liquids, and solids.

PHYSICS 201: Phys for Scientists/Engrs (4 SH)

Physics 201 provides an introduction to the fundamentals of mechanics. We'll learn how objects and systems behave in response to the forces that act upon them, and use this knowledge to develop insight about the workings of the universe in which we live. Our labs and we anticipate a field trip to the local go-kart track provide opportunities to put this knowledge into practice.

GEN 101 EE: ILC Exploration and Experiment (3 SH)

The Integrated Learning Course will include a term project such as building a hoverboard, baking chocolate, synthesizing an aerogel or making a superconducting magnet.  Like other programs we include a library research project but we also include applying the scientific method–doing an experiment and writing up the results.

Note: Exploration and Experiment provides an introduction to the early-starting majors of Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics. We strongly recommend signing up for this FYE if you are interested in pursuing a degree in one of these programs.