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Dance Productions

The annual Principia College Dance Production offers opportunities for current students to explore and participate in a variety of dance styles and choreograph their own performances.

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Dance Production 2023

Dance Production 2023

Dance Program’s Annual Spring Mainstage: Dance Production

Join our cast for a diverse evening of dance; including a wide variety of dance genres—Mexican Folklore, West African, ballet, modern, hip-hop, contemporary. Thirteen choreographers explore themes of motherhood, community, the passage of time, sports, the overturning of Roe V Wade, traditional cultural dance, memory, examining one’s thoughts, honeysuckle, and celebrating the good times.

Duvall Theatre: McVay Center for the Performing Arts

Senior Capstone 2023

Eloise Esseks

Senior Capstone by Eloise Esseks

Independent Dance Major, Eloise Esseks, presents her perspective and research on the overturning of Roe V Wade via an emotionally deep and thought provoking dance performance.

Duvall Theatre: McVay Center for the Performing Arts

April 1

Dance Production 2022

Dance Production 2022

Directed by Erin Lane with student, guest, and faculty choreography
April 14 – 16, Duvall Theatre in the McVay Center for the Performing Arts
“Any problem in the world can be solved by dancing.” ~James Brown

Dance Production 2021

Principia College Dance premiered the institutions first site-specific dance concert with a sold-out 8 show run on April 15, 16, 17, 2021. The performance also included a virtual viewing option through the platform, On the Stage, which was widely accessed and enjoyed! Hear students talk about the process and see rehearsal footage in the video below:

Dance Production 2020

35 performers--students, faculty, live musician, and community members--were involved in the show. Students worked with two faculty choreographers and 10 student choreographers. Additionally, 6 students worked with guest artist Lynn Peterson, Co-Artistic Director/Dancer of SYREN Modern Dance in New York City setting company repertoire (excerpts of Dolce choreographed by SYREN Co-Artistic Director Kate St. Amand). Due to COVID-19, the show parameters shifted to a virtual presentation. All dances were performed as in-progress showings on stage before students left campus and archived via video. The official virtual presentation included videos of pieces in their stage version and a new dance-for-camera version of each dance. Enjoy the Finale of our Virtual Dance Prod 2020 below!

Dance Production 2019

Dance Production 2019 showcased 11 student choreographers, including a dance-for-camera piece that was presented at the “Give Dance a Chance” festival at Alton’s Jacoby Arts Center in November 2018. Guest artists included: Keli Brooke Hermes (upbeat group jazz piece) and San Francisco-based artist Hilary Palanza (contemporary trio). The show featured 36 dancers and showcased hip-hop, swing, jazz, modern, contemporary, Afro-pop, and Irish styles. 

“This year, student choreographers are being inspired to use their art as a vehicle for healing, to spur continued conversations on social issues, and to challenge norms in our immediate college community,” Lane says. “Their bravery—and that of the 36 cast members—make the show a must-see event.”

Dance Production 2018

Dance Production highlighted five student choreographers, one alumni choreographer, two guest choreographers—Karen Montanaro (world-renowned mime artist) and Ashley Tate (Artistic Director of Ashleyliane Dance Company)—and a work by faculty choreographer/director Erin Lane. The show featured 27 dancers, showcasing mimedance, hip-hop, rhythmic tap, swing, modern, and contemporary styles.

“Students are zooming in on themes of communication, women’s empowerment, support systems, individual struggles within the human experience, and the unity that can be found after the struggle,” Lane says. “They are showing that dance is a powerful medium for individual expression through artistry and technique.”